New advertising: the way ahead

In these unstable economic times it is more important than ever for companies to ensure that they are being marketed in the most effective possible manner.

The growth of the internet has led to an explosion of different online marketing techniques, not all of them are necessarily too expensive. Some companies still use local classified advertisements and then back up these campaigns with an internet presence. Often an ad in a local newspaper can lead the casual shopper to go online and find out more about the seller and their goods and services. An online campaign can also help to endorse a brand so that the consumer will become more familiar with that particular outlet and, therefore, remain loyal to them in the future.

Another highly effective way of marketing goods and services is to investigate the services offered by Outdoor Advertising Ltd.  This innovative company uses smart graphics, and ensures that clients who use their services will see their names spread across billboards, telephone boxes and bus stops in a bid to boost brand recognition. The company’s campaigns vary from the wonderfully flamboyant telephone box ads for the TV programme ‘Little Britain,’ to the very familiar NHS logo that can be seen on bus stops and billboards across the breadth of the UK.

Many companies feel that in a recession it’s a mistake to invest in advertising and marketing. However, an economic downturn can present the perfect opportunity to promote a company and tell the public what you offer and where they can obtain your products. The use of mobile billboards is perfect for those companies that wish to promote their products or their brand in a specific geographic location.

Should a company wish to measure the success of an advertising campaign then a trial run with a mobile billboard might help an accounts department to determine the viability of any future marketing investment. Psychologists have proven that our subconscious absorbs a huge amount of information and, in certain situations, when a prospective customer is trying to obtain a certain product they will be able to dredge up from memory the information taken from an outdoor advertising campaign.

Many firms like to invest in a complimentary campaign made up of outdoor advertising and then backed up by a digital presence. Some of the most effective public information campaigns in recent years have worked across all media and these have helped to promote the message that needs to be endorsed.

Visual imagery is important, just look around at the billboard and advertising hoardings that proliferate across the country. If this imagery can help to endorse a product as part of a wider brand then the consumer will go online to find out more and this is an area that can also be hugely cost effective. Most advertising companies will be happy to discuss costings with clients and also will be prepared to offer them a trial run. Obviously, nobody can guarantee future sales but at least a marketing campaign can increase the visibility of a company across both the internet and the High Street.

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